ReVu Video Editor is now available on the app store!

Thank you all -- those who helped us with beta testing and provided feedback, those who have been supporters and those who are new to discovering our ReVu video editor app!
ReVu, about a year in the making, is ready for you to download, to help you make quick fixes to video footage you take with your iPhone, iPad or GoPro, when filming doesn’t always go quite right.
With ReVu’s host of features, including “zoom” and “pan” capabilities, and real time ("on the fly") GoPro fisheye removal “decurving”, we hope you enjoy and use this new video editor app. We also welcome reviews posted to the Apple App Store.
Ready to start video editing with ReVu? You can see a demo video here:


Removing Distortion                 Touch/Motion video editing

Fabl - Corrects distortion of GoPro and fisheye footage
 Touch and motion control of video 


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Fabl - Add hotspots to your mobile video



Fabl - SDK lets you add interactive, immersive mobile video to your app

Want to add interactive, immersive video to your app? Your customers will be able to digest your content in a new way.

Our simple to integrate SDK allows you to embed our technology within your own app and create immersive mobile content. 

Fabl - Immersive mobile video SDK available for Apple, Android & Windows


Fabl - Decurv is a motion plugin that corrects distortion and adds technically accurate immersive features

Decurv lets you process any frame of video to accurately show what a narrower-angled camera pointed anywhere within the original field of view would have captured. This allows you to shoot with a wide-angle lens to maximise your chance of capturing the action in one take, without the usual wide-angle distortion carrying through to the final cut.

Coming soon for Motion and Final Cut Pro

More software and lenses will be supported soon.