ReVu video editor for iPhone and iPad is now available on the Apple App Store


That moment when you finish filming a special moment with your smartphone video camera only to find that oops! your thumb is in the footage. Or, you’ve forgotten to film in landscape mode. Or the subject is just too far away.

Relax, the new ReVu app for iPhone and iPad can help you fix, and improve, the video you shoot from your iOS devices. Check out what the powerful ReVu Video Editor app can do, that Apple cannot.

Record zoom and pan interactions on the "Fly" to make a new video

• Adjust the crop "on the fly" as the video plays, using pinch to zoom and motion/touch to pan

• Trim video, record, replay and edit all interactions

• Export your zoom, pan and trim capabilities into a new landscape 1080p HD video

• Save new improved version of your video into your camera roll and easily find and share new video to social media channels or by email

Remove GoPro™ video fisheye lens distortion

• Import GoPro™ video with your GoPro app, iTunes file sharing or the Camera Connection Kit to remove fisheye lens distortion

• Powerful real time correction engine

• Auto detect GoPro™ video settings


Convert awkward vertical videos to landscape

*ReVu is compatible with ALL supported iOS videos and also straightens fish eye distortion in GoPro™ videos.