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Reliv for GoPro - The only app that corrects distortion and adds interactivity

Reliv is the only video playback app that takes your GoPro® footage, removes the fisheye effect and creates an immersive video for you to explore*.


Video Reinvented 

Removing Distortion

Creating Experiences

 Before and After shots on 2 iPad screens
 Visual displaying touch and motion control 

Beautiful Footage

We take your video, remove the nasty stuff and give you a piece of footage with the fisheye effect removed. 

GoPro® use wide angle lenses in their action cameras, this leads to inevitable lens (or barrel) distortion. 

Whilst capturing more of the experience, it also warps and affects the quality of your video. 

Real-Time Rendering

Not only does it render your footage to correct distortion, but in turn transforms it into an immersive video. 

There are a few lens correction tools on the market and in truth, they take a seriously long time to do it. 

Reliv renders your video in real-time, just upload your videos via camera connection kit, iTunes file sharing or photo sync. 

Explore Your Video 

With the same freedom and field of view you had when you shot your footage, move the video to find a new story.  

A few seriously clever guys have managed to transform lens distortion into an immersive experience.  

Using touch or motion control, explore your video like never before.  

How To Reliv


Reliv for GoPro - Capture some awesome GoPro Footage

Capture some awesome footage

Using your GoPro® Hero® 3 & 3+, capture some incredible footage. 

Use Superview™ mode for best results. 


 camera connection kit and other icons

Import to your device

You can import your footage in 3 ways; 

  • Camera Connection Kit
  • iPhoto Sync
  • iTunes File Share


 iPad icon with touch and motion control icons

Experience video like never before

Your video will now be corrected of all lens distortion and motion/touch control allows you to explore your Reliv video.

Find your story. 

Reliv for GoPro - Works with GoPro Hero 3 & 3+

Capture with Hero® 3 & 3+

  • Reliv works with GoPro® Hero® 3 & 3+ 
  • Use the 1080p, SuperView™ options for best results 
  • Import your video via camera connection kit, photo sync or iTunes file sharing 
  • Reliv runs on iPad and iPhone running iOS 7+. 
  • Using the newest iOS device, iPad Air and iPhone 5s will produce the best image quality.



Not only is it more realistic looking, it gives you a more realistic feeling of ‘being there’,
that ability to explore is very organic
— Phil Samuel, Software Engineer
A great addition to anyone’s GoPro filming kit
— Russell Evans, Skater

How Can We Improve Reliv? 

 Photo of FABL team 

Reliv is in its BETA stage and is always evolving. Your thoughts and opinions will help us shape this app and maybe even develop a new video form. 

Use the form to the right and let us know what features you'd like to see, what improvements can be made and anything else you'd think would just be awesome.

Help us reinvent video.  


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