Party, party, party for ReVu video editor app launch!

Roll up, roll up! We hosted a fantastic app launch party for our new video editor app ReVu that about 100 people attended. Held at Campus London, a Google place, in London’s Shoreditch,  on Thursday, 10 March, we were able to showcase and demo ReVu to an enthused audience, alongside a line-up of inspiring speakers.

Co-founders Simon Kentish, Adam Hoyle and JP Altier demonstrated how ReVu can help you zoom, pan and trim video that you shoot with your iPhone or iPad cameras. They also showed how the app takes the fisheye distortion out of GoPro footage. During the presentation of the Software Optics team, a number of members of the audience actually gasped when witnessing what the app’s technology can do!

Speaker Ghislaine Boddington, a founder of collective body>data>space and co-curator of Future Fest, explained her work in telepresence, and video, as well as looking to the future of what’s to come in technology. She was followed by a presentation and mind-blowing performance by the internationally acclaimed electronic artist Scanner (Robin Rimbaud). 

We did our prize draw for those who helped us with beta testing. The winner of a GoPro HERO4 – drum roll please – is Joan Smith! Joan is a DJ operating under the name DJ Tunesmith and owner of digital agency Fruit Social LTD. She lives in London. Hear her tunes on Mixcloud here: She is pictured here, in the middle, with Software Optics founder Simon Kentish and with Hai Media Group’s Lisa Devaney.

We are also pleased to tell you that we are getting some press! ReVu was reviewed by MacTrast and we were also featured on a TV show called AppWatch that aired on NewsWatchTV and the Discovery Channel! See the broadcast spot here:

We also featured on The Phones Show with host Steve Litchfield, here:

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The Software Optics Team
(Simon, Adam, JP and Lisa and Carmen of Hai Media Group)