Become a filmmaker using your smartphone


Mobile phones are no longer just about making calls and answering texts. You can now check your social-media feed, respond to emails, take selfies and record films. Yep, you heard correctly – record films. Last year, a movie filmed solely on an iPhone 5S won an award at Sundance Film Festival.

However, 'Tangerine' wasn’t the first film of its kind to be shot using a smartphone… The first feature length film to filmed on a mobile was 'SMS Sugar Man', shot back in 2007 using a Sony Ericsson W900i and several other full-length movies followed. 'Olive', released in cinema, was also shot using a Nokia N8 with the help of a 35mm zoom lens.

Another film recorded on a smartphone is that of 'Departure'. The producers of the movie found it was cheaper to record on a smartphone than a state of the art camera. They also noted that it opens doors for amateurs as smartphone allow anybody to become an award-winning filmmaker – providing that the film is well thought out, of course.

It’s not just independent filmmakers that are choosing to record their movies on smartphones…  Park Chan-wook, award-winning director of Oldboy, recorded scenes from 'Night Fishing' that was shot using an iPhone 4. This movie went on to win the Golden Bear for Best Short Film at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

So, you see, there’s clearly a space in the film industry for movies recorded entirely on smartphones. We mean, they’re money saving, time saving and are definitely more opportunistic. Smartphones allow you to record moments that would otherwise be lost if you didn’t have your video camera with you. What’s more, they’re compact and easy to hold and film on the fly. 

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