Party, party, party for ReVu video editor app launch!

Roll up, roll up! We hosted a fantastic app launch party for our new video editor app ReVu that about 100 people attended. Held at Campus London, a Google place, in London’s Shoreditch,  on Thursday, 10 March, we were able to showcase and demo ReVu to an enthused audience, alongside a line-up of inspiring speakers.

Event: ReVu App Launch Party, 10 March

We will soon launch our ReVu Video Editor App to help you make awesome videos with your iPhone, iPad and GoPro. The app will go live in the Apple App Store in March. To celebrate, we are planning a fantastic app launch party, on 10th March at Campus London, a Google place. Are you in London? Please come along.

Become a filmmaker using your smartphone

Mobile phones are no longer just about making calls and answering texts. You can now check your social-media feed, respond to emails, take selfies and record films. Yep, you heard correctly – record films. Last year, a movie filmed solely on an iPhone 5S won an award at Sundance Film Festival.

ReVu is named among the best video editing apps for 2016 by Appcessories!

ReVu Video Editor App was listed one of the best video-editing apps for smartphones and tablets by Appcessories. They list the most useful apps for 2016 that will help to cut out the boring bits, add some transitions and give videos the soundtrack it needs to transform into social media gold.